Community Chemical

Helping Your Community Stay Healthy and Safe with Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing Wipes

Community Chemical is a company that was created to help the global community with health and safety. In the early stages of the global COVID-19 pandemic, InkJet, Inc., an industrial ink manufacturer, pivoted to make liquid hand sanitizer. It was a smart and fairly seamless transition because many of the raw materials used by the company to make ink and industrial fluids are used for hand sanitizer.

After four months of fulfilling thousands of orders and donating a large amount of hand sanitizer to front-line healthcare workers, police and fire departments as well as the Navajo nation in Arizona, the company decided to start a new company dedicated to helping every community with health and safety. Let's face it, things have changed and sanitizing will continue to be the norm, from your hands to door knobs to industrial equipment. That company is named Community Chemical and the brand of hand sanitizers and wipes it offers is called Every Hand.

Hand sanitizers, both liquid and gel, plus alcohol and cleaning wipes, may be purchased online in various packaging configurations.

The company's location is the same as InkJet, Inc., at 11111 Inkjet Way, Willis, TX 77378.

To contact Community Chemical, you can send an email to