Personal Care & Cosmetic Package Product Coding

A wide range of products requires specialized cosmetic coding printers and inks. Each packaging line may require different solutions to apply the labeling successfully at production speeds (such as printing onto cosmetic bottles). Understanding these characteristics will reduce costs and help protect the brand image.
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Product Types

Toiletries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and internal medical tubing (used in catheters and vascular tubing, for example) can be considered examples of personal care or cosmetic applications. Other common products include: shampoos, specialty diapers, feminine hygiene products, and medical products.


Personal care and cosmetic product packaging comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Common packaging types include: glass bottles and jars, flexible plastic and paper, specialty containers, metal aerosol cans, and folding cartons. The type of packaging used helps determine which printer/ink combination is best for your print job.

How do I Decide What Ink and Printer to Use?

Many variables are involved when choosing the proper batch printing solutions for cosmetics and personal care products. It is important to select not only the right ink, but the best printer for your personal care packaging needs.

Some of the main challenges for the industry are the varying product and bottle sizes, shapes, and the ability to have flexible production environments. Reducing set-up, change-over, and maintenance times are important to minimize the cost of cosmetic printing. Changeable ink cartridges, print heads, rollers, and modular equipment can all help improve efficiency and reduce cost. Other common variables to optimize for personal care product coding and cosmetic batch code printing include:

  • Product or surface to be labeled

  • Speed of the labeling process

  • Quality of the marking or coding required

  • Process or printing conditions

It is best to note all the variables you can think of and contact an experienced product engineer to get recommendations. The experts at InkJet, Inc. can help you identify the perfect printer and ink for even the most demanding of jobs. Contact us today for more information!

Common Ink Types for Cosmetic and Personal Care Product Printing

InkJet offers a range of batch printing solutions for cosmetics and personal care products. Below, we’ll look at three inks commonly used in the beauty and grooming industry. These include:

  • Low-VOC inks

  • UV/invisible ink

  • Abrasion-resistant ink

Low-VOC Inks

What Are Low-VOC Inks?

VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds.” A volatile organic compound is a chemical with enough vapor pressure to evaporate under normal conditions. VOCs are often found in inks as solvents.

VOC vapors in ink and cleaners are not only smelly, but they are toxic and can lead to health issues. Low-VOC inks do not produce the same odor as inks with a high concentration of VOCs.

Benefits of Low-VOC Inks

Low-VOC inks have excellent printing capabilities with environmental benefits. Some of the oils used in low-VOC inks offer more vivid colors than traditional petroleum-based inks.

These inks are perfect for cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers seeking an eco-friendly solution for marking and coding their product packages.

Popular Printers for Low-VOC Inks

Coding equipment commonly used for low-VOC inks are our Anser U2 Pro-S, DuraCode CIJ, and Precision Series High Resolution.

Anser U2 Pro-S

The Anser U2 Pro-S is ideal for small businesses that may need a mobile option for handheld coding with the ability to code on porous and non-porous surfaces.

DuraCode CIJ

The DuraCode CIJ (continuous inkjet ) is a commonly used printer ideal for fast-moving, continuous coding. It also has a unique ink-changing feature where the print heads change with the type of ink used for the process. This provides the ultimate in versatility for using different inks for different products using the same coding machine.

Precision Series High Resolution Case Coder

Precision Series High Resolution Case Coder is a robust and durable coder with great ink adhesion and network connectivity. This machine is great for printing variable label information, and it features onscreen label generation capability.

UV/Invisible Inks

High-value brands in personal care products and cosmetics are frequent targets for counterfeiting. However, proper labeling prevents counterfeit products from diminishing the brand and harming the consumer.

UV-readable CIJ inks (invisible inks) are a solution to counterfeiting. UV (ultraviolet) inks are invisible inks that can be used to print a branded watermark that’s only visible under a UV or black light. Invisible ink allows a brand to mark the product for traceability. Beauty packaging uses hidden images to combat counterfeiting.

UV inks also ensure authenticity while protecting the graphics and premium packaging for cosmetics and personal care products. Marking systems are specifically designed for these applications.

Many of these products are coded or labeled on high-speed packaging lines. These high-speed packaging lines typically require CIJ (continuous inkjet) printers that support these specially formulated UV inks. Applications may require before or after filling coding in a variety of conditions.

Abrasion & Chemical Resistant Inks

Beauty and grooming product manufacturers commonly produce products that are used in the home shower, bathroom, or women’s purses. If standard ink is used on these products, it is likely to wear off quickly upon exposure to repeated rubbing, scratching, and scuffing.

Resistance to moisture and abrasion may be important characteristics in these situations. Abrasion-resistant ink can be used to print on nearly every type of substrate.

Depending on the substrate, the CIJ series of printers may be suitable. In other cases, laser marking for cosmetic products may be more appropriate than an abrasion-resistant ink.

Contact the Experts at InkJet, Inc. for Your Personal Care & Cosmetic Printing Needs

No matter what type of beauty or personal care product you need to code, InkJet, Inc. can help you choose the best fit for the job.

We provide batch printing solutions for cosmetics and personal care products designed to meet your specifications.

Contact our cosmetic printing experts today to get started!


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