Maximizing Efficacy and Efficiency in the Pet Food Manufacturing Industry

For the most reliable coding and marking solutions that ensure the most accurate tracking and traceability, choose InkJet, Inc. Our industrial printers combined with an array of high-quality and custom inks enable our customers to maximize their efficacy and improve operational efficiency.
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Not only do our printers support increased productivity, but they promote adaptability that assists with meeting ever-changing FDA and USDA safety and traceability mandates.

Able to produce expiration dates, production codes, lot numbers, and bar codes, our equipment further assists with quality control. Our reliable printers and ink are an important part of helping our customers feel confident in their ability to track packages as they move through the supply chain and allow manufacturers to quickly address raised concerns by tracing the product’s history.

A Solution for All Materials & Packaging

As the pet food manufacturing industry continues to grow, coding and marking equipment must also evolve. Manufacturers must implement solutions able to adapt to innovative packaging options, providing the flexibility needed in the production line to meet these new challenges while minimizing both downtime and maintenance interventions.

InkJet, Inc’s products can be used to code packaging that contains dry food, moist food, canned food, soft food, and treats. Our equipment will reliably mark materials that are porous or nonporous, flat or curved, and rigid or flexible:

  • Metal Cans

  • Paper Bags

  • Flexible Pouches

  • Foil Bags

  • Chub Packs

  • Plastic Bottles

  • Plastic Cups & Tubs

  • Paperboard Cartons

  • Paperboard Trays

Achieve the Clean, High-Quality Marks You Need

InkJet, Inc’s industrial printers and ink options create the clean, high-quality marks you need on your pet food packaging that make tracing and tracking simple and easy. Not sure what products are essential to optimize your production line? Then get in touch today. Our team will help you determine how to best increase your efficiency and minimize maintenance.

Industrial Printers

  • DuraCode (Continuous Inkjet): DuraCode delivers the best quality code day in, day out. Featuring a robust, stainless steel design; simple, hi-res operator interface; and automatic monitoring system, this CIJ printer gives a powerful performance at a low cost of ownership.

  • Anser Series (Thermal Inkjet): The Anser line of TIJ printers offers a reliable, easy to use coding solution designed for printing high-resolution codes on nonporous substances. InkJet, Inc. provides Anser printers created to integrate with production lines as well as mobile, handheld versions for on the go.

  • Precision Series: A high resolution case coder available in 18mm and 72mm is ideal for secondary and tertiary packaging and provides high density ink for great quality barcodes, graphics and text.

Ink for Every Application

  • CIJ Compatible Inks: Inks for InkJet, Inc. printers as well as OEM replacement inks, all of which are run through a custom, state-of-the-art filtration system and a quality control process unmatched in the industry.

  • HyperCook Thermochromic Ink: Developed by InkJet, Inc’s team of expert chemists, HyperCook is the most advanced thermochromic ink available in the industry for marking metal cans and plastic pouches before retort.

  • Custom Ink: For a custom ink solution, contact InkJet, Inc. today. Our team has spent more than 25 years developing ink technologies to meet the most unique and complex printing needs of our customers.

Important Features

Other features of our products important to the pet food manufacturing industry include:

  • Rigid/Flexible/Elastic

  • Moisture/Chemical/Solvent/Abrasion Resistant

  • Direct Food Contact

  • Re-Tort

  • Aseptic Packaging

  • Fast Dry

  • Serialization

  • UV/Invisible Ink

  • Offset Dates

Importance of Transparency through Traceability

The Melamine Recall of 2007 triggered a rising demand from pet owners for increased transparency about the ingredients used in their pet’s food along with any and all processing completed throughout the supply chain. Now, pet food manufacturers need to not only be concerned with meeting restructured food safety and quality guidelines, but also ensuring these new customer demands are met.

Falling in alignment with human food trends, there exists an increasing pressure to practice responsible sourcing and manufacturing as well as to use only clean, all-natural ingredients grown in the USA. Pet food companies must also be able to prove to the public that these claims are accurate. Information related to lot numbers and production codes must be readily on hand in order to trace a product’s history; failing to do so may result in full product recalls. Reputation may also be damaged as customers lose trust in the manufacturer from lack of transparency.

Yet even in the event of a recall, a well-planned tracking and tracing system enables a manufacturer to respond competently and correct the issue quickly. Coding and marking of packaging speeds up the process of identifying affected ingredient lots and finished product lots. A prompt removal of these affected products from the market combined with strategic marketing campaigns addressing consumers’ concerns can help regain buyers’ trust and get business back on track.

Contact InkJet, Inc. Today for Your Perfect Coding Solution

It’s time to improve the efficiency, adaptability, and transparency of your pet food production line. InkJet, Inc’s industrial printers and ink are designed to be your perfect marking and coding solution for every pet food packaging material and application. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer.

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